Diving at Caye Ambergris

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Caye Ambergris, Belize 2013

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Caye Caulker, Belize 2013

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Great Blue Hole

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Flores and Tikal

kb_gt13_0819My last stop in Guatemala was Tikal, a Mayan archeological site. Located on Petén region, east side of the country, Tikal is about 8 hours by bus from Antigua. As my trip to the country was short, I decide to fly from Guatemala city to Flores (40min. trip).

Flores, a gateway to visit Tikal, is small and beautiful, a city island crowded with tourists, cafés, bars and hotels. Here the atmosphere is vacation and easygoing traveling. It takes about an hour to surround the island (city) walking.

kb_gt13_0683Considered UNESCO World Heritage Site, Tikal is about an hour by bus from Flores. Different from other pre-colombian site I had visited as Teotihuacán and Chichén Itzá that were very hot and dry, Tikal is humid and very green, is in the middle of a tropical forest.

Tikal impressed my by its beauty and gorgeous nature. It used to be one of the major Mayan cities in Americas. I recommend buying the map and follow the tracks to see each temple hidden in the green...

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Antigua and Pacaya


I wanted to visit Antigua because of Pacaya volcano. It was in my imaginary this Guatemalan small town surrounded by active volcanoes. I had in my mind the image of colorful houses and the triangular mountain in the background. Unfortunately, it was not easy to see this image because there was a lot of fog. Antigua reminded me the images of Licancabur volcano, one can see it from almost everywhere in San Pedro Atacama.

Even though without Pacaya in the background, I loved Antigua. A small town, organized, grounded with cafes, cultural activities and good restaurants. I spent my days walking around, stopping in one café or another, reading, photographing. I enjoy reading in cafes.

On my last day I decided to do a trekking tour to climb Pacaya. We left the hotel around 5 am. When we where picking up everybody, far away I saw the volcano, timidly appearing on the fog. I asked the driver to stop the van so we could enjoy the landscape and take a photo...

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Chichicastenango and Atitlan Lake


At the same time I thought Guatemala was very “Americanized”, I give a good compliment to Guatemalans on the way they respect the indigenous culture and traditions. A great example of that is Chichicastenango town, or Chichi as they say in Guatemala. So, I decided to go a tour to the market that takes place there every Thursday and Sunday.

The market is very colorful, it reminded me Otavalo (Ecuador) ou Tarabuco (Bolivia). They sell almost everything but handcraft is their main business. It is a good place to buy travel gifts; their clothes and souvenirs are beautiful.  The bargain is obligatory here, if you don’t bargain, there is no fun. On the tour, I met Claudio, a Chilean mountaineer, who was my company to the bargain afternoon. We formed a “team” do ask for better prices and late afternoon we were experts on that art.

Cláudio com a bolsa que comprou para sua irmã, depois de uma tarde de pechincha…

Another stop of the day was the Santo Tomás church, a mix of a Cathol...

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The arrival in Guatemala – Guatemala City

9109386005_a9635deb08_oGuatemala City, or Guate as they call it there, was my arrival place in Central America. In general, when I travel alone, I avoid stay long time in big cities, so I had only 2 days in town. During this period the city was had always some sort of fog, as it was screening the sun, it reminded me Lima, in Peru.

Guatemala is big, about 4 million people in a country of 15 million, therefore, great part of the action happen here. It is divided by zones by numbers, streets and avenues are also named by number. For example, I stayed at Zone 13, 15 av. “A” 5-30. This way of naming streets and neighborhoods gives me the idea of being planed, that they followed an urban plan. It is had to imagine this kind of nomenclature on Brazilians cities where cities grow randomly and streets come out of nothing.

Another point that caught my attention in Guatemala was the “Americanism”, starting with the way to name streets, like in the US...

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Beers around the world

In this post on curiosities I will create a list of beers I have been drinking around the world. I’m not expert on beer, quite the opposite, I’m wine drinker, but traveling I prefer beer. It is easy, everywhere they have their preferred one, it. Always when I get to a new country/place, I like to taste the local beer. Usually, people always have one they recommend.

The idea of this list came when I went to live in Spain and there was a beer called San Miguel. I remembered I had drinking a beer with that name and it was not in South America. After some days with that on my mind, I actually remembered, it was in the Philippines, in 1997. So, I got the ideas to keep the names of the local beers as a souvenir, and the best way to keep that was taking a photo of it in a local bar environment, a way to remember the good bar moments…

In Guatemala(2013) I drank Gallo and Brahva (the ex-Brazilian Brahma).

Gallo, in a restaurant in Antigua
Brahva Extra, in bar in Antigua
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Diving & Snorkeling post list

Fotor031704612Below I have a list of dive sites and snorkeling in Errante.

In Los Roques, Venezuela 2012

Na Grande Barreira de Corais, Austrália 2012

Em San Andres, Colômbia, 2011 (em breve)

Na Isla Catalina, República Dominicana, 2011 (em breve)

Na Pulau Perhentian, Malásia, 2008 (em breve)

Em Koh Tao, Maya Bay e Koh Bida Nok, Tailândia, 2004

Em Bodrum, Turquia 2002

Na Catalunha, Epanha 2002

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