As we say in Brazil, we all have a foot in Africa. So, I had to visit this continent. As soon as I moved to Europe, my first holiday was a trip to the neighbor continent. In 2002 I travel on Easter holiday week to Morocco. It was not an easy trip, specially because I got very sick and I was traveling alone. It reminded me the book and film “The Sheltering Sky”, for its beautiful desert landscapes and also for the solitude.

I went back to Africa in 2010 on a trip to visit Senegal And again in 2011 on a work trip to Sudan, stopping on Cairo on the way home. In Senegal, on the road south of Dakar, when I say a Baobad for the first time, it was magic. I really felt in Africa… the landscape, the imposing tree and the Senegalese music coming out of the car radio. Unforgettable.

In 2014 I came back to Africa, this time my goal was to dive at the Red Sea from Hurghada, Egypt. Yeah, I still have a lot to see in this amazing continent.

Here is the list of countries of African continent with posts in Errante.

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