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3-days trekking at Vale do Pati

I had visited the Chapada Diamantina about 7 times since I moved to Salvador, Bahia. However, I have never made the trekking of  Vale do Pati, this time, I decided to face it. I would go with a friend who could not make it because of work, so I left alone with the guide. Our plan was to enter through Guiné, to go to Morro do Castelo on the second day and on the third day leave through Vale do Capão.

I was a little apprehensive because, lately, my right knee was hurting, but nothing very strong. So I talked to the guide André (Chapada Soul) to go slow. Since I was the only person in the group, the pace would be my own. Perfect.

We went up a rather steep trail to a plain where we walked towards the “Mirante” (a top hill view point). On the way, we crossed a small river that was a bit dry, did not motivate us to dive in. Then, we arrive at the famous Mirante do Vale do Pati, an incredible place, surrounded by valleys and mountains. There we stayed for about two hours enjoying the la...

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Outrigger canoe – from Salvador to Itacaré

Karamuru Hoe Race from Karla Brunet on Vimeo.

The Outrigger Canoe Club – Canoa Bahia – that I participate decided to make a pilot 3-day race, from Salvador to Itacaré. I am not a competitive person nor do I have the dedication of who participates in competitions, but since it was only for us from the club, a pilot version, I decided to face the challenge. I did a special training in the gym to have more resistance and to be able to withstand the 3 days of strong rowing.

The experience was incredible. I was afraid of the water change because I had been injured (with huge bruises) in the training. Anyway, everything went well, I didn’t get sore. The scenery was beautiful. Crossing the Bay of All Saints, arriving in Morro de São Paulo, leaving early from Morro to Barra Grande, the open sea, the waves, the blue … Beautiful.

On the last day, we left ​​Barra Grande with rough sea, I was on the support boat and when I started to feel seasick, I realized that I had forgotten to take the med...

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Carnival 2018: cycling and paddling

After having enjoyed a few days of pre-carnival in Salvador – Palhaços in Rio Vermelho, De Hoje a 8 with the friends of Canoa Bahia and Gravata Doida in Santo Antônio – we decided to run away from the city on carnival days. The selected place was Imbassaí. It is near by, there was not much traffic and is an escape into nature. We rented a cottage away from the center of the beach and with a lovely pool surrounded by green and birds.

The first day was relaxing, just reading on the beach and swimming pool. I, finished reading “Cem Dias Entre Ceu e Mar” by Amyr Klink and Marcelo read “Os Robôs Vão Roubar Seu Trabalho, Mas Tudo Bem” by Federico Pistono. On the second day, we decided to move our bodies and pedal to Praia do Forte. We woke up late, so we left at the worst time, 10.30am in the morning. It was a 29km round trip. The road was very busy, cars on both sides all the time.  It was a relief to arrive at Praia do Forte, to have a secon...

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Rio Amazonas Expedition

Here I have a 360º video that I did on the Rio Amazonas Expedition.
The expedition, organized by Canoa Paidégua, was carried out on a Hawaiian canoe from Santarém to Belém, in July 2017.

RioAmazonas360 from Karla Brunet on Vimeo.

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Kayaking tour in Cape Town

Kayak Tour, Cape Town from Karla Brunet on Vimeo.

Before arriving in Cape Town I had already seen on the internet that there were kayak tours around the city. I scheduled the tour with Kaskazi Kayaks & Adventures for Saturday since these days I would be staying at Sea Point. Luckily, it was a beautiful sunshine day, 32 ° Celsius, perfect for paddling on the cold sea. I went there walking along the coast of Sea Point and enjoying the summer day.

Upon arrival, our guide – Dirk Kaiser – showed the basic movements of kayaking and soon we set off for the adventure at sea. My rowing buddy was a South African woman, Kim. She was accompanied by her daughter and son-in-law who live in England. Everyone had experience with kayaking before.

We paddled out, enjoying the skyline of Cape Town. It was lovely to see from the sea Signal Hill, Table Mountain and V&A Waterfront. A beautiful landscape and a sunny day. In the middle of our route we spotted dolphins...

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Cycling trip: Itaparica – Salinas da Margarida

  • 1st day: Bom Despacho – Salinas da Margarida 61 km
  • 2nd day: Salinas da Margarida – Barra do Paraguaçu 36.58 km gpx

Cicloturismo: Itaparica – Salinas da Margarida – Barra do Paraguaçu from Karla Brunet on Vimeo.

Since I really enjoyed the experience of the Mangue Seco – Praia do Forte trip organized by Lúcia Saraiva from Amigos de Bike, I decided to take another cycle tour with them, this time it was Itaparica and Salinas da Margarida. We woke up very early to catch the first ferry to Itaparica. We arrived in Bom Despacho and had a break for a breakfast with orange juice and hot sandwich. Right after, we faced the road.

We went by the shoulder of the road BA01, I found it comfortable to pedal. Every time there was a little hill, I was left behind. Everyone passed me and they went ahead. Lucia selected a gentleman from the group to accompany me, not leave me alone behind...

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Cycling: Mangue Seco – Praia do Forte

  • 1st day: Mangue Seco – Sítio do Conde 52.51 km
  • 2nd day: Sítio do Conde – Baixio 32.69 km
  • 3rd day: Baixio – Porto de Sauipe 40.93 km
  • 4th day: Porto de Sauipe – Praia do Forte 25.18 km
    Download here the gpx of this trip

Cicloturismo: Mangue Seco – Praia do Forte from Karla Brunet on Vimeo.

I had already seen photos from this cycle trip organized by Lucia Saraiva (Amigos de Bike) and I was very interested. This year, luckily, I was able to go. I loved the idea that it would be 4 days of cycling on the sand at low tide. It reminded me of my teenager years when I would go with my “Brisa” from Capão da Canoa to Capão Novo, alone on the beach (about 25/30km in total). My boyfriend would meet me there for a snack and I go back down on the road.

In this edition of 2016, we were a small group of 4 cyclists (Lucia, Dora, Paulo and me), plus Zena who was our support car and the official photographer. The cycling was beautiful, miles and miles only of sand and sea. Every day, we had to cross...

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Refeno 2016: anchored in Noronha

We arrived in Noronha very late at night. Part of the crew disembarked in the middle of the night anyway, as they would sleep in inns on the days in Noronha. I stayed on the boat, wanted to taste the experience of living on board. It was only two days but it gave a little understanding of what life is like on a sailboat. In the morning we tried to get the anchor out, it was badly positioned. We had to change place of the boat, we were in an area of circulation. Then he organized and cleaned the boat. It was not until the end of the afternoon that we stepped ashore for dinner and go around the village. I adored small trips on the inflatable boat bypassing the sailing boats that came to Noronha in Refeno. The small bay was filled with beautiful sailboats.

The next day we went diving in the morning to see the wreck in the port bay and we also dove to clean the hull of the boat. In the afternoon – a pedal on the island – a little review of the place I had been in 1998 and 2002...

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Regatta Refeno 2016: Recife – Noronha

See full screen

In this post, I decided to create a map of my participation in Refeno, just click on the icons and navigate on my experience at sea. It was my first regatta and the second time I was on board in a sailboat, without any stops. The first had been on a trip from Victoria to Salvador but I quit halfway, stopped at Abrolhos, and took a ride to Caravelas with a dive boat.

This time I was determined to face the sea even though I get seasick. The experience was great. We were the last to arrive in Fernando de Noronha, our boat – Pangeia – was a Bruce Roberts 434, 44 foot, 14 meters long, draft of 1.60 and weight of 17 tons. As we were the only steel sailboat, we left with the first trophy. Not bad for my first regatta.

Refeno 2016 from Karla Brunet on Vimeo.

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Cycling: Uithoorn – Amsterdam

Route of the 6th day: Total km/day: 32.48 km – (gpx)
Accommodation: hotel near the airport

  • It was our last day of the cycling trip. Well, my father’s last day, I would still have many days of cycling through the Netherlands and Germany until I arrived in Strasbourg, France.
  • The road was calm. It was Sunday morning and the road not crowed with cyclists going to work or school. We passed by training cyclists, with race bikes.
  • We stopped at the airport hotel to leave our bags, check in and headed for the city center. There, we returned my father’s rental bike and left mine in a public parking lot. It gave me a little pain in the belly to leave her there alone in the crowd of bicycles for a week
  • Our bike trip ended well, we had no accidents, nor did the bikes got damaged, no flat tire, everything went really well. Relief.


Do hotel onde estávamos em Uithoorn, podia-se ver (e ouvir) a passagens dos aviões chegando no aeroporto de A...

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