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Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is an interesting city. Full of gardens (and malls), the city shows a concern for patrimony; public buildings and its surrounding areas are well cared for. Even by spending  a few days there, I could see its beauty and greatness.

One of the things I was more interested in the city was the Petronas Towers. And yes, they are amazing, impossible not to stare at. Wherever I was in the city, my eyes would go looking for the towers. I had seen them on films and pictures before, but I never thought of them as a mosque. Maybe it’s because I saw them through my “western point of view”. The minute I got to the city and saw the towers, I realized the image of a mosque (It surprised me not having seen that before).


As in Singapore, I was impressed of how many malls there are in Kuala Lumpur. In every corner there’s one, in all sizes, shapes and prizes. I saw the most luxurious malls of my life there, with every exclusive shop and brand...

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Pulau Perhentian

I had read about these beautiful islands northeast of Malaysia and got crazy to scuba diving there. I loved it! It remained me of Gili Trawangan islands in Indonesia, the place where I did my Open Water Dive, ten years ago.


I did two dives on the island: one at Tokong Laut (Temple of the Sea) and another at Sugar Wreck (a shipwreck). The diversity of sea life was impressive. I saw different types of fishes, turtles, bamboo sharks, squids, schools of sardines… Wonderful, and beyond that, very cheap compared to Brazilian prizes. A dive trip was around RM80 (+/- U$25). I hadn’t dived for a year, so I needed it.

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Melaka (Malacca)

We only spent two days in Melaka but wanted to stay more… The city is a mixture of cultures, ethnic groups and religions. Being an important harbor in Southeast Asia, it suffered several invasions (Portuguese, English, Dutch…) and all of them added to its culture.

The very first day we went to a street party to celebrate the city’s nomination as UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. After the party, we walked through the city. I loved the Dutch neighborhood. The night is busy in Chinatown’s market; it’s full of stalls selling all kinds of Chinese food and trinkets. At the end of the street there’s one of the most famous caffs in town: Geographér Café, a cozy place with books, plants, live music… And me, a lover of geography, locative media and maps, fell in love with the place by its very name.

The next day we wandered around to know the place better, ate really well at a local Japanese restaurant and had a massage. It felt like holidays, and it was holidays in a way.

By lat...

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We were very tired when we arrived to Singapore. We got there at 6am but could only get to our hotel room at noon. We had to walk around the city in order to kill time and, after a 40-hour trip, wandering around town falling asleep on our feet wasn’t a very good option.

I went by myself to Singapore, but I wrote “we arrived” because I met Rachel Zuanon at South Africa’s airport and we became fast friends. At the same airport, she introduced me to Yara Guasque. So, “we” means Rachel, Yara and me.

The reason for this journey (as for Scandinavia in 2004) was an Electronic Arts Congress, ISEA 2008 and I took that as an excuse to visit the region. After all, it’s not every day you have the opportunity to travel to the other side of the world.

At first, the city seemed strange to me. That wasn’t the Asia that I knew! It didn’t look one bit like Indonesia, Philippines or Thailand. Architecture is hard, rigid, almost like a representation of its government...

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