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An Interview with Hannah Pearson

Here you can see a short interview with Hannah Pearson, Padi Dive Instructor, who guided us in some of the dives at Utila Dive Center. Hannah talks about her favorite dive sites in Utila and how she decided to leave England and go to Honduras.

An Interview with Hannah Pearson from Karla Brunet on Vimeo.

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Interview with Otto Daniel Naranjo – Divemaster

A short interview I did with Otto Daniel Naranjo in Gran Roque, Los Roques. Otto is a divemaster at Ecobuzos and talks about the dives in Los Roques. He suggests dive-sites for beginners and advanced divers.




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Interview with Carlos Quintana

Carlos is a traveler… has worked on cruise ships and traveled around the world. Nowadays he chose Los Roques to live and works in one of the cafés in Gran Roque. The place where I had been a few times for a beer sitting on a puff on the beach. The place is magic, specially by the end of the day with the Caribbean lights and starred sky.

Here Carlos Quintana talks a bit about Los Roques.

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Waleed Mohamed Saeed and Khartoum

This is Waleed Mohamed Saeed interview on Khartoum.

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Sojoud Elgarrai talks about Khartoum

I interviewed Sojoud Elgarrai about Khartoum. She talks about her interests on the city.

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Wael Saifuldin Ali talks about Khartoum

I interviewed Wael Saifuldin Ali about Khartoum and his interests there.

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