Rio do Peixe

At the arrival at Rio do Peixe we met Moacyr, the owner of the farm. After forming grups of 12 we left for a walk on the woods. Once in a while we stopped for a waterfall bath. The place was beautiful, clean water and lots of green. The trail ended in a whole in the rock. We climbed up and jumped in the water. We came back a small part by the river.

Back to the farm house, Moacyr and his wife waited us for lunch. It was lots of regional food. What I liked the most was a “sopa paraguaia”, hat it is not a soup, it is a sort of dough made with corn flour and cheese. Delicious. After lunch we took a nap on leather hammocks produced in the region.

In the afternoon we did another trail. We passed by some waterfalls, bathed and end up at a part of the river where there was a reel. We used it to jump in the water. It was interesting to see people from different ages become child again.


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