Regatta Refeno 2016: Recife – Noronha

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In this post, I decided to create a map of my participation in Refeno, just click on the icons and navigate on my experience at sea. It was my first regatta and the second time I was on board in a sailboat, without any stops. The first had been on a trip from Victoria to Salvador but I quit halfway, stopped at Abrolhos, and took a ride to Caravelas with a dive boat.

This time I was determined to face the sea even though I get seasick. The experience was great. We were the last to arrive in Fernando de Noronha, our boat – Pangeia – was a Bruce Roberts 434, 44 foot, 14 meters long, draft of 1.60 and weight of 17 tons. As we were the only steel sailboat, we left with the first trophy. Not bad for my first regatta.

Refeno 2016 from Karla Brunet on Vimeo.

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