Canoa Quebrada

I arrived in Canoa Quebrada really tired because I had spent the night in a bus coming from Jericoacoara and early morning I got another bus to Canoa. I had some food and went to the hotel to change clothes, put on a bikini. Getting there I looked at the bed and couldn’t resist, I slept a few hours.

In the afternoon I went to the beach. I walked a little and sat down under the shade in a bar. I had fish, fruit juices and some sea baths. There everybody looked relaxed, some talking, others reading, sleeping or sun bathing. To me it was wonderful, I was tired, given that the last days I had walked a lot and my knee was hurting. It was great to relax a bit and be surrounded by relaxed people…

At night I walked around town looking for a place to have dinner. They all looked good, what made my choice hard. I end up having Italian food as here there is a lot of Italians (tourists and residents), that means, a great possibility of having good Italian food. Seafood pasta, it was delicious. To end the night I had a “caipirinha” in one of the crowed bars.

Next day I woke up early to walk on the beach and get to know the place a little. Since my way through Canoa Quebrada was quick, I had only a day, I couldn’t know the region as I wanted. I walked a lot on the beach. I loved to see the amount of jangadas (Brazilian typical raft) as I am a great fan of any sort of boats. The jangadas have a certain bucolic quality and, at the same time, they are rough. I wanted to do a tour on a jangada, but, because of the tide, they would depart only after lunch, when I was already gone. I was sad, but, for sure, I will have another opportunities to sail on a jangada.

In one of the ends of the beach they take people to a flight in a kind of paragliding pulled by a jeep. I wanted to fly. Talking to the guide, she told me that the wind was too strong and that they would leave only if there was less wind. I waited for a while, but the wind was still strong. Once more the nature deciding my day…


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