Gruta do Lago Azul and Bonito Aventura

After a 24h trip I got in Bonito really tired. I spent the afternoon in the pool sunbathing, something that becomes precious when you live in Europe.

On my second day I went to visit the “Gruta do Lago Azul”, 18km from town. I got Edson’s moto-taxi to get there. These taxi by motorcycle are very popular in Bonito. In the cave I met a group of students from Dourados, a city in Mato Grosso do Sul. I thought it was funny their curiosity towards me. I think all of them asked me where I came from. Some would get impressed.

The cave is beautiful. After going down about 400 meters we arrived at the “Blue Lake”. The clear water made possible to see the stones on the bottom. I liked to observe everybody wispering: “How beautiful!” or “It is really blue!”, “The water is so clear!”

The afternoon tour was Bonito Aventura, about 4 km from town. There I met the manager, Janaina, who explained me the tour. We tried on the wet suit and sandals. The tour started with a walk in the wood. The guide explained about the trees and animals from the region. We tried some fruits as the Bacuri and Bocaiuva. Both were yellow and sticky (their nickname is monkey’s chewing gum).

After the walk we enter in the Fomoso river. We came back diving and floating in the river, following the stream. The river has a very clear water. It is interesting to see the changes of vegetation under the water. We saw branches, trees, green dunes, fishes. By the end of the afternoon the sun rays were touching the water and forming a incredible light. I looked like a landscape from a Disney animation.




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  • Nelida Capela  says:

    Uma viagem que gostaria de fazer. As fotos inspiram, Karla :o)

  • karla  says:

    Vale a pena, o lugar não é só bonito, é lindo 🙂

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