Praia de Pipa

On my arrival in Pipa I was welcome by the people from the hotel. They advised me to go for a walk to Praia do Amor and showed me the path. I walked to the beach and sat down in a bar on the shore. The day was beautiful, sun, sea, beach, fruit juices… Since my knee was hurting and swollen, I stayed there for a while. After, I walked on Praia dos Afogados to the Chapadão, and, from there, to the city where I had lunch looking at the ocean.

On my second day, I left early morning for a walk to Tibau do Sul (about 7km). In the hotel I had seen the tide table of that day and I would have plenty of time to get there before it was high tide and I could not go through the rocks. I started my walk on Praia Principal. Since it was early, there was not many people around, they were all waking up. There were many fishermen and parents with small kids. Further on I saw a group playing soccer on the beach. They were organized in teams with uniforms. They took advantage of the low tide to make a soccer field on the wet sand.

I continued my way passing by some people walking, others stretching and, even, sleeping under the sun. In some areas there were “barracas” (bars on the sand) crowed with tourists, people selling handcraft and others taking surf classes. I arrived to the tip of Praia ad Cacimcinhas where I stopped to rest, eat fried fish and drink many fruit juices. I rested under the shade with some sea baths… The landscape was amazing.

I like to be in beaches where I can feel amplitude and also the emptiness. In Pipa, there were large beaches with few people, in places like that I can really feel the nature. What fascinates me is having to look in the Internet the tide table in order to know what time I am supposed to go for a walk. It is the idea of having decisions made depending on the nature, of always realizing that there is something that we can’t control, that it is stronger than our forces. This pleases and dares me at the same time. Living in cities, in our everyday life, many times we don’t realize this strong nature that we can’t control exists.


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