Melaka (Malacca)

We only spent two days in Melaka but wanted to stay more… The city is a mixture of cultures, ethnic groups and religions. Being an important harbor in Southeast Asia, it suffered several invasions (Portuguese, English, Dutch…) and all of them added to its culture.

The very first day we went to a street party to celebrate the city’s nomination as UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. After the party, we walked through the city. I loved the Dutch neighborhood. The night is busy in Chinatown’s market; it’s full of stalls selling all kinds of Chinese food and trinkets. At the end of the street there’s one of the most famous caffs in town: Geographér Café, a cozy place with books, plants, live music… And me, a lover of geography, locative media and maps, fell in love with the place by its very name.

The next day we wandered around to know the place better, ate really well at a local Japanese restaurant and had a massage. It felt like holidays, and it was holidays in a way.

By late afternoon, I walked by the river shore and lie on a bench to see the sunset. It was a relaxing moment after spending quite a long time at the bus station, negotiating our passages to Kuala Lumpur and Kuala Bessut, our next destination.

[Translated by Òscar Buenafuente]

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