Los autonautas de la cosmopista – Julio Cortázar and Carol Dunlop

Los autonautas de la cosmopista. O Un viaje atemporal Paris-Marsella – Julio Cortázar and Carol Dunlop

The idea of the book by itself it is interesting, to take a trip from Paris to Marsella only stopping on the highway stops. Together, the couple decided the rules for the trip, as if they determined the rules for a game, and they prepared to the action. I think the first chapters, the prior to the expedition, are the best. Maybe, due to my enthusiasm for challenges, for previous planning and by my passion for awkward travels.

Another point interesting of Los autonautas de la cosmopista is that two people wrote it. Cortazar and his partner, the photographer Carol Dunlop, wrote together. Sometimes, while reading, we don’t know who is writing, we can only realize that when one of them refers to the other as Lobo (wolf) or Osita (Litle bear).

The book is an excellent travel report, it is a statement on the search for poetry, for enjoying life even on the worst places. It is about observe everything and pay attention to details. It is a story of companionship, of love, of couple relationship (imagine spend more than 30 day on the highway living with your partner in a station wagon). We can also say it is the report of a game where the reader stay on the expectative if the players will be able to go to the next phase (next stop on the road) and get to the final objective. I recommend it.

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