Conejo de Viaje – Liniers

The book “Conejo de Viaje” (Travel Rabbit) is a graphic novel from several trips made by the artist Ricardo Liniers (the rabbit). It has maps, sketch and the comic strip of the rabbit that circulates in different places in Europe, America and Antarctica. The vast majority of trips were business trips to book fairs and lectures. They are a little simple: go out, have dinner with a guy, have lunch with someone else and sign autographs… They don’t tell much about the place or culture. The most interesting ones that tells a little about the place are from Canada and Antarctica.

In Antarctica, Linier traveled on a Norwegian ship to the icy contingent. He talks about the amount of special clothes he had to bring, of the descents of the boat, of the encounter with Penguins, of the first iceberg sighted, of the time spent in the cabin and of the conversations with other passengers. Also, on his expedition were Amyr Klink and his wife Marina Kink with whom the rabbit (Liniers) talked a lot. He told of one day that – for bad weather – the boat could pick them up on the island. I remembered our trip at Operantar 38 that they always warned us that this possibility existed, that we should always be prepared for it, to spend hours in the cold waiting. I always got off the ship with a bottle of water and a bar of chocolate.

The book is interesting, it is not one of my favorite comics but it is worth reading. I recommend it.

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