Unpacked: Travel disaster stories

The book, edited by the famous travel guide brand, is a collection of short stories (comic and tragic) about trips that “went wrong”. When I read the book, I wondered the difficult moments I had traveling. Yes, I had some very complicated, they would be good stories for the book, especially the ones involving army, airport and border security and being sick alone in a foreign country.

Unpacked doesn’t talk about disasters as the title suggests. It presents some awkward situations we all pass in a trip or another. The book takes us to a rafting in Alaska, trekking in Madagascar, trains trip in India and New Year’s in Boneo. I believe it is this king of adventures, things we did not plan on a travel, the inconveniences and surprises that test us and identify us as travelers and not only tourists.

“Every traveler has a horror story to tell: lost luggage, bad weather, illness or worse. In this lively collection of travel disaster tales, Lonely Planet writers share their worst moments of life on the road.
From Kenya to Sri Lanka, from Brazil to Finland, from the Australian outback to India, these travelers encounter hurricanes, road accidents, secret police and nasty parasites. Reading these funny and frightening stories from the dark side of the road will make you think twice about a career as a travel writer!”

Unpacked: Travel disaster stories by Tony Wheeler and other Lonely Planet authors (Lonely Planet Publications: Hawthorn, 1999)

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