Places of travels in the Americas

FotoramericaThis is my preferred continent to travel. It is also were I was born and lived most of my life (Santa Maria, San Francisco, São Paulo, Salvador). My first backpacking travel was in Mexico in 1995. After that, I didn’t stop anymore. I wanted to see everything, specially Latin America.

My first great trip of months away was to South America in 2001, starting in Ecuador and finishing the trip in Argentina. This was the travel that initiate this website. I have lived in the USA and was moving to Europe, so I thought that visiting my neighbors before departure was essential. I spent months traveling Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile e Argentina only out of a backpack. So far I didn’t know if I could handle months traveling alone and away of the comfort of being home. And yes, I loved it. I didn’t get tired and realized that really we don’t need much. The feeling of freedom o living months with almost nothing it was incredible.

Later, in 2011 and 2012, decide to go to Colombia and Venezuela. Besides seeing the country, I wanted to dive in the Caribbean. I had already experienced the underwater caribean in a trip to Cuba in 99. In 2013 it was the time to go to Central America. I traveled on Guatemala and then, I had some diving time in Belize and Honduras.

And of course, Brazil, my country. This I’ve traveled from south to north, east to west… It is very important to know your backyard too. In Errante I have a few of those travels as Bonito and Pantanal and Aparados da Serra: Itainbezinho, trail of Rio do Boi and Fortaleza in 2002, Northeast of Brazil in 2003, From Morro de São Paulo to Boipeba by bicycle in 2008, Chapada Diamantina in 2013.

Here there is a list of posts of countries of the American continent

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