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Cycling B-KO: From Marielyst to Güstrow

kb_de14_04606Day route: Marielyst – Marrebaek – Skelby – Gedser – Rostock – Groß Stove – Schwaan – Rukieten – Mistorf – Goldewin – Lüssow – Güstrow

  • I left Marielyst early because I had no idea how long I could take to the to the ferry in Gedser in case there was strong wind. I cycled so fast that I ended up geting there too early for the 11am ferry. I had to wait for more than an hour.
  • The ferry takes approximately 2 hours to do the 50km from Gedser to Rostock. There was not many cyclists, the majority does the opposite direction (from Berlin to Copenhagen). I just met a French speaking family, a couple and two children cycling towards the beaches in Rostock.
  • The way out of the ferry to the cycling lane to the city was a bit confusing. There was so many trucks and motorcycles getting out that I got a little lost among them.
  •  The meeting with Katharina near the train station was easy. From there on it was great, a had a friend traveling with me and there was no more head wind.

Day total: 124...

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Cycling B-KO: From Stege to Marielyst

DCIM101GOPRODay 3 route: Tastrup – Bissinge – Hjelm – Skovsøen – Grønsundvej – Stubbekøbin – Grønsund – Hesnaes – Ulslve – Elkenøre Strand – Marielyst

  • This was the most beautiful day of the cycling in Denmark, first I cycled around Møn island, then I went through a dense forest at Falster forest.
  • It was very windy in Møn and I got rain on the road. I decided to stopped on the only tree on the way. Getting there I realize there was other two German cyclist waiting for the rain under the tree. About 20 minutes later the rain was gone and the sun was shining.
  • The bridge between Møn and Bogø was large, about 1 km long. But this time it was easy, I was not afraid to cross it.
  • A highlight of the day was the cycling on the forest. No cars, no people… and boarding the Baltic sea.
  • It is worth a quick stop at Hesnæs port to see the fishing boats and enjoy the landscape
  • I got to Marielyst almost 5pm without having any stop for food or rest, no even a pause for toilet...
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Cycling B-KO: From Rødvig to Stege

15301627680_0f9e2f3373_bDay 2 route: Rødvig – Lund – Lille Torøje – Strandskov – Fakse Ladeplads – Delhoved – Srandhuse – Praestø – Skibinge – Rekkende – Kragevig – Sandvig – Kalvehave – Koster – Stege – Keldby – Elmelunde/Møn

  • Before departing Rødvig I cycled in the port. I love ports, boasts, fishing nets…
  • Again, I got head wind the whole journey. Even when going down small hills I had to cycle.
  • There was so many apple trees on the way that I had to grab one. I decided to eat when I arrived at the hotel, as a precaution in case this wild apple would give me some stomachache.
  • My lunch stop was at Praestø port. It was great to be on a warm place to recharge the energies and continue cycling.
  • The Queen Alexandrine Bridge to Møn was huge and the wind very strong. I got afraid of the wind blowing me towards the cars and trucks, so I got out of the bicycle and carried it walking on the bridge.
  • At my arrival in Stege I stopped in the supermarket to buy my dinner since there was no supermarket or restaurant...
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Cycling B-KO: From Copenhagen to Rødvig

15485791482_7f84cf60e9_oDay 1 route: Copenhague – Greve Strand – Solrød Strand – Køge – Strøby – Magleby – Hollug – Sigerslev – Stevns Klint – Højerup Rødvig

  • I left the hotel at 8.30am. The cycling lanes were completely crowded and everybody was cycling very fast that I couldn’t stop to read the name of the streets. I got lost a bit,  went out on the wrong bridge and had go back.
  • It took more than one hour to get out of Copenhagen. In town there was not signs of the bicycle routes like in Berlin. I took the wrong way twice and had to stop a few time to look on the gps.
  • Scooter and motorcycles were using the cycling lane. I thought it was strange but maybe it was legal. I saw them on Copenhagen and later again in Køge. I believe slow motorcycle were allowed on the bike lane based on a sign I saw on the road.
  • The wind around the island Amager was very strong, hard to cycle. This way was not on the official track from B-KO, I chose for it once I got lost...
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