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Diving & Snorkeling post list

Fotor031704612Below I have a list of dive sites and snorkeling in Errante.

In Honduras, April 2013

In Belize, April 2013

In Los Roques, Venezuela 2012

At Great Barrier Reef, Australia 2012

In San Andres, Colombia, 2011 (soon)

In Isla Ca...

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Travel throughout Thailand 2004


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Koh Samui – Mae Nam

Koh Samui was our first place for “vacation”. Before, our trip had been busy and tiresome. Coconut and fishing were the main activity on the island (koh); nowadays it is a tourist paradise. This, therefore, would be a perfect place to start to relax. In general, the hotels were small, there were many resorts but one doesn’t see the big towers of a chain hotel. I read that here it was not allowed to construct hotels higher than coconut trees, what I consider brilliant.

People told us that it was the rain season. We check on the internet for the weather forecast and it said cloudy and rainy days. We were luck because it rained only a few hour when we arrived and on the day of the departure. The rest of the time we could enjoy the beach, relax on the hotel’s sun bed, sleep in the coconut shade and sea bath. This was what I missed the most. The beaches in Europe don’t give you that kind of pleasure. It is impossible to compare.

Walking on Mae Nam beach we saw pieces of wood ful...

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