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Conejo de Viaje – Liniers

The book “Conejo de Viaje” (Travel Rabbit) is a graphic novel from several trips made by the artist Ricardo Liniers (the rabbit). It has maps, sketch and the comic strip of the rabbit that circulates in different places in Europe, America and Antarctica. The vast majority of trips were business trips to book fairs and lectures. They are a little simple: go out, have dinner with a guy, have lunch with someone else and sign autographs… They don’t tell much about the place or culture. The most interesting ones that tells a little about the place are from Canada and Antarctica.

In Antarctica, Linier traveled on a Norwegian ship to the icy contingent. He talks about the amount of special clothes he had to bring, of the descents of the boat, of the encounter with Penguins, of the first iceberg sighted, of the time spent in the cabin and of the conversations with other passengers...

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Book: Epic Bike Rides of the World

Book: Epic Bike Rides of the World. The Planets Most Thrilling Cycling Routes
Author: Lonely Planet
Year: 2016
Publisher: Lonely Planet Global Limited

From the same collection of the book Epic Drives of the World this edition shows us options of bicycle trips. The book is beautiful. It is more than 300 pages of photos, maps, drawings and texts of cycling trips in all continents. Unfortunately, in Brazil does not appear, in Africa there is only two options and in Latin America only has options of cycling in Argentina, Ecuador and Cuba. The vast majority of proposed bicycle trips are in the North America, Europe and Oceania sections. Even so, the book is amazing, well organized and makes you want to grab you bike and go on an adventure out the way.

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(Português) Exposição Viagens Errantes

Sorry, this entry is only available in Portuguese.

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Cycling: Amsterdam – Haarlem

Route of the 1st day: Amsterdam – Total of the day : 25 km – (gpx)
Accommodation: hostel private room

Our first day of cycling started near the Amsterdam airport and the final destination would be Haarlem. Here I write are some points of the day and below it is my father’s testimony:
  • In Amsterdam, I chose a hotel close to the airport because it was easy to get out the bike bag since it had an airport transfer. And it would also be much easier for my father to go cycling straight on the road and not having the city’s bicycle traffic. This was his first bike ride, better off on a quiet road.
  • For the first two days, we strolled around the city, rented a bike for my father, and set mine up. I dismounted almost all of it to have the least risk of damaging the flight.
  • My bike got damaged, the frame tightened on the flight and did not enter the wheel. I called a mechanic I found on the internet, instead of tidying up, it spoiled more. As th...
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Cycling from Copenhagen to Berlin

Foto_mapa_K-BeWhen I moved to Berlin I found out about the cycling route from Berlin to Copenhagen and planned to do this summer. After the experience traveling alone on the Elberadweg, I was prepared to Copenhagen. I decided to do the inverse way, starting in Copenhagen and come back home little by little. The plan was to do alone the Danish part of the trip and, in Rostock, meet Katharina Funke to travel together the German part.

It was a 7-day trip. If you want follow our steps, bellow you have the gpx file of each day to download. On this trip I decided not to do travelog, only some points “highlights” of each day. On the German part, Katharina wrote the travelogues.

See the posts of each stage:

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Igatu, Poço Azul and Donana

Sorry, this entry is only available in Portuguese.

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Um Lugar na Janela (A place by the window) – Martha Medeiros

When I read about “Um Lugar na Janela” in an airline magazine, I wished to buy it. I had read another book by Martha, and liked. So, the expectations were good.

The book promises to be a selection of travel stories, not a guide. It is a personal and introspective report of moments lived in different places, among them Rio, Fernando de Noronha, Japão, Nova Iorque, Marrocos…

In the first chapter, the author states her reasons to travel, something that I share with her. But after that, the book disappoints. Created initially to be a blog, I believe it had to continue that way. It is different the way we read a blog and a book, at leat it is what I think. In a book I want a more elaborated text, mor interesting in terms of content and form. I don’t know how to write, I’m awful on that, so I photograph. However, when I read (and love reading), I want text that I could say: “I’d love to have written that”. But this did not occour in any moment of “Um Lugar na Janela”.


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Los autonautas de la cosmopista – Julio Cortázar and Carol Dunlop

Los autonautas de la cosmopista. O Un viaje atemporal Paris-Marsella – Julio Cortázar and Carol Dunlop

The idea of the book by itself it is interesting, to take a trip from Paris to Marsella only stopping on the highway stops. Together, the couple decided the rules for the trip, as if they determined the rules for a game, and they prepared to the action. I think the first chapters, the prior to the expedition, are the best. Maybe, due to my enthusiasm for challenges, for previous planning and by my passion for awkward travels.

Another point interesting of Los autonautas de la cosmopista is that two people wrote it. Cortazar and his partner, the photographer Carol Dunlop, wrote together. Sometimes, while reading, we don’t know who is writing, we can only realize that when one of them refers to the other as Lobo (wolf) or Osita (Litle bear).

The book is an excellent travel report, it is a statement on the search for poetry, for enjoying life even on the worst places...

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Atlas – Jorge Luís Borges with María Kodama

This book by Borges with photos by his partner María Kodama is a quilt of places, travels, experiences and impressions. The Brazilian edition is beautiful, hard cover, colored pages, well designed. By reading these short stories, we travel to Alexandria, Venice, Athens, Reikjavik, Genev, Istanbul… We travel in the imagination of this places created or experienced and, at the same time, we get an intimacy with the author by seeing his photos as in a family album. It is an atlas of personal souvenirs of moments out of the routine, glimpses of his “errant” life.

Portuguese version: AtlasJorge Luís Borges com María Kodama (Companhia das Letras: São Paulo, 2010)

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Travel through Spain

Fotor0330221037See the posts on travels in Spain –  Baleares Islands in 2004 and 2006

  • Mallorca (2004)
  • Menorca (2006 – em breve)

See the posts on travels in Spain – Catalonia in 2003

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