Fazenda Baia Grande

I got to Baia Grande in the morning and was received by Alexandre, the owner. He showed me the house, stable, orchard, bird… The farm works with rural tourism. They receive tourists, in general foreigners, who want a experience of living in a farm. They sleep in the farm’s house. The food is made with aliments produced in the farm and cooked on the old style wood oven.

In the morning I walked around the house and spend some time chatting with Alexandre. By noon a Dutch tourists arrived. We had a typical lunch, rice, beans, steak and salad. The desert reminded me home, figs in syrup and ambrosia (a desert make with sugar and milk). We took a nap in the hammocks to go for a horse hide in the afternoon.

The horse hide was to see the farm, feed the cattle and appreciate the local vegetation. We passed by a small water reservoir where we saw a alligator head in the water. Later we saw a capybara by another reservoir. We also saw birds like woodpecker and toucan. After, we saw some rhea from far away but they ran really fast when we approximate. We tried some local fruits and by the end of the afternoon we came back to the house. We sat down in the veranda to drink a tererê (a sort of tea typical from the region, similar to the chimarrão we drink in south of Brazil, the difference is that our is with hot water). By dawn I went back to Miranda with a moto-taxi.



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