Diving in Utila – 2nd day, Honduras 2013

Photo by Karla Brunet/ErranteOn my second day diving in Utila I did a night dive, bellow you can see the info on the dives. Some people do not like night dive, they get scared, others are crazy for it. I like it, but don’t chance the day for the night. The great interest in night diving is the possibility to see something different, fishes and other species that have evening habits. And, of course, to cover the flashlight light in the darkness of the sea, just with the moon and boat light above us, it is an incredible feeling.

The dives this day were beautiful, many coral formation, small fishes and another charming sea horse. Every dive day has its highlight, today was the huge green moray that passed by us. I did not resist and followed it for a long time. In general, morays are hidden on their holes, just the head out opening and closing the big mouth, breathing and waiting for food. This time the moray was free in the sea. I thought that when it feels my presence it would hide away. But not, it continued its way. It was beautiful, I have never seen a moray so long out of a hole. The other divers of the group were looking from some distance my chasing and said they were ready with their cameras waiting for the time it would get annoyed with me and bite me. But not, the moray was not annoyed with my presence, it was just dancing in the sea. See the video bellow.

Moréia-verde em Utila from Karla Brunet on Vimeo.

Video note: Unfortunately, when I was recording the moray, my new camera had a problem and I had to use the ‘step’ camera I had in the vest pocket. So you can perceive the difference in video quality, the old camera was a bit foggy of being on the pocket.

1st dive: Spotted Bay: http://www.diveboard.com/karla.brunet/D1xagXl

Date: 2013-04-24 – 08:45 Max Depth: 29.1m Duration: 51mins

2nd dive: Lagoona Beach: http://www.diveboard.com/karla.brunet/D21FLEE
Date: 2013-04-24 – 11:32 Max Depth: 21.3m Duration: 59mins

3rd dive: Ron’S Wreck: http://www.diveboard.com/karla.brunet/D21FLEE
Date: 2013-04-24 – 11:32 Max Depth: 21.3m Duration: 59mins


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