Diving in Utila – 1st day, Honduras 2013

Photo by Karla Brunet/ErranteThe main reason for visiting Utila island was diving. I had seen on the internet that April was whale shark season in the region. So, my vacation destination was chosen for me. My dives there were with Utila Dive Center. On the first day we been to two incredible places: Pinnacle and Ted’s Point (info below). Right on the beginning of the dive we saw a wreck. I love boat, any sort, above or under water.

The corals were beautiful, different formation, like flowers, tress, branches…There was not a huge amount of fish, but we saw some school of small fishes, a sea horse (they are not easy to spot, the divemater showed us), and the most interesting, an octopus. Generally they are hidden o a hole. Luckily, not this time. I was a bit away from the gruop taking photos when I saw an octopus passing by me “flying”. It was gorgeous, I have never seen an octapus like that, it was dancing in the sea. Made my day!

1st dive: Pinnacle: http://www.diveboard.com/karla.brunet/D28YebA
Date: 2013-04-23 – 08:59 Max Depth: 23.1m Duration: 50mins

2nd dive: Ted’s Point: http://www.diveboard.com/karla.brunet/D2CDJHd
Date: 2013-04-23 – 11:25 Max Depth: 22.4m Duration: 53mins

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  • Mergulhos em Utila – 2º dia, Honduras 2013  says:

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  • Eva  says:

    Thank you to share your wonderful experience ! Honduras is such a good place where to dive ! The Honduras islands contain more than 95% of the Caribbean’s coral and fish species, that’s why you can take some amazing pictures !

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