Diving with sharks

The dives we did in Caye Ambergris were the best I’ve ever done for shark seeing. It was not a school of sharks but they were very ‘friendly’. Generally, when I see a shark in a dive, when the fish sees me, he goes away, in the opposite direction. Here no, they would go very near us, it was like a dog that wants to sniff you.

The first I was went very near the divemaster, looked like it kissed his fins. While I was making the video, I did not realize there was another stuck to me, almost touching my belly. And the one I recorded in the beginning, went around and came on my direction. Incredible, it was not scary but the adrenaline went high. See the video.

Sharks in Belize from Karla Brunet on Vimeo.

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  • diving-shark  says:

    It’s something that everybody has to do in the life, to dive with sharks is amazing. nice video as well!

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