Rio da Prata

The Recanto Ecológico do Rio da Prata is in Jardins, a town 54km far from Bonito. The trip was too far to be done with a moto-taxi. I end up getting a hide from a “carioca” couple and his son João. There, we got the equipment (wetsuit, boots, mask and snorkel). Then we hiked by the river for an hour and a half. Almost every tour in this region has this kind of hikes. I consider them important because it is when the guide explain about the environment and he give a class on ecological awareness. It is worth it, the places are so beautiful and it is necessary to preserve.

We went in the water at the spring of Rio Olho D´água and there started snorkeling. We came back to our starting point by the river, following the stream. We didn’t have to swim, neither move the legs, it was just lay down on the water and let the river take you. Good! The river was very clear and we could see a great amount of fishes.

Back to the farm house we had a lunch with typical food. At that time started a storm, rain and strong winds. We waited a while to be able to go back to Bonito. I imagined how I would come back if I had came by moto-taxi…


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