Jungle tour near Puyo

We (an Australian couple, an English girl, a guide and I) left Baños early to spend a few days in indigenous huts in the jungle. The trip to Puyo was great. We rode on the roof of the bus van, it was the best place to see the scenery. We passed through some beautiful waterfalls. Before going to the camp site we stopped in a place called Reserva Fátima, a natural reserve for animal and environment. The infrastructure was really simple, it looked like a house with a patio full of animals. They take care of turtles, alligators and snails. There are also parrots, macaws and monkeys that the police apprehends and brings there for rehabilitation to the environment.

In the afternoon we got to our campsite to leave our stuff and left for a 4 hours walk in the jungle. We stopped to see some medicine plants. As it was rain season, we walked (with rubber boots) the whole time on the mud. The end of our trail there was a waterfall where we took a shower. On the evening it rained the whole time and there was a great variety of insets around the bed, such as cockroaches and spiders… There was also water liking, since the house’s roof was make by dry grass and it had open sides. Not too much sleep…

On the second day we did a 6 hours walk. It rained the whole time. We went up and down a jungle hill, always waking on the mud. Another time the end was a refreshing shower in a waterfall. This time we walked back through the shallow river. All the time we walked in zigzag and had to be aware of the rocks for not getting stuck. Very tiresome! Back to the campsite we had lunch and rested on hammocks.

The third day we went down the river on a very small canoe, made with a single chunk
of wood, all the way to a viewpoint. We walked up a little bit and from the top we could see the no ending forest. We could see the rivers from the region, specially Puyo, which gets together with other rivers to later form the Amazon. An impressive landscape even though it was raining.

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