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Lately I have been missing the ocean so much. I’ve watched on TV a documentary about whales and I got a incredible desire for diving. In a bookstore, getting some books for the university, I bought a book by Garcia  Marquez called “The Story of a Shipwrecked Sailor”. I got home, sat down the sofa and just left when I had finished the book. It was really good, I could feel the sea.

In order to satiate this will of being in the water I decide to spend some  weekends diving in Costa Brava. The first place was Lloret de Mar. I got a bus early in the morning to get there with time to do two immersions the same day.

From the bus station I went straight to the dive center. There I met 3 Portuguese guys from   Porto. We went on a boat to a dive site called Bolets. The sea was calm and the water cold. The visibility was “sort of” good. We saw many small fishes and a lobster. By the end of the dive I was really cold, maybe because I am not used to dive in cold water (17 degrees Celsius).

We came back to Fenals beach, I had lunch, and in the afternoon we left for the second dive. The dive site was Bullents.  This time I was not so cold because I put on my neoprene socks and also gloves and cap. The visibility was not really good, there was many particles in the water. We dove among rocks. There was many small fishes. It was an easy-going dive, there was no currents.

At evening I waked on downtown Lloret. There was many tourists, shops and restaurants. I stopped to see a handball mach on the sand then I had dinner in one of the restaurants in the center. I was tired, after dinner I went straight to the hotel to sleep.

Next day I woke up early to walk by Lloret beach. The chair on the sand were empty, it seams the tourists don’t come to the beach before 10am. Around 11am, I went to Fenals beach to meet the dive group. We left to dive at Roca Muladera site. This time the group was bigger,  3 Portuguese, 3 Catalans and me.

The visibility was good. The water temperature was the same but I wasn’t cold anymore, I think I had gotten used to it. The place was a rock formation that got together many fishes around it. Another time the dive was easy-going, the sea was calm and there was no currents.

Back to Fenals I had lunch and took a nap (the popular “siesta”) on the beach. By the end of the afternoon I went back to Barcelona. I was satisfied, therefore I had spent a long weekend by the sea.


International Lloret
Diving Center

Hotel Excelsior

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