I took advantage of my mother’s visit to Spain to go to Mallorca. We went for only four days. We arrive on the afternoon and we stayed sunbathing on the terrace of the hotel. Later we had a delicious torte with tea and went for a walk on the old town.

The city of Palm is beautiful, it has a very interesting old town and wide avenues with coconut tree. We realized that they were accustomed with tourists because we were always well treated in restaurants and hotels. They are hospitable, different from other parts of Spain where they seem to be bothered by the presence of tourists.

On our last day on the island we try to take a boat tour but it was not possible. He was final of the high season and in those days they had changed the schedules of the boats. We always arrived one minutes later that the boat had left. Great part was error of the workshop of tourist information that in said the wrong schedule to them. The ironic one is that the workshop of tourist information was the only place in the island where we feel that they were not interested in helping the tourists. The two times that we were ai in search of information not in them had informed almost nothing and they did not have will of in counting nothing to them on the island. Perhaps it was for being final of season and already they were tired of speaking of Mallorca for all.

From Palma we head to see a bit of the island. One day we went to the east side. The first stop was a “Platja des Trenc.” A small white sand beach, clear blue water and crowded with tourists. I was impressed by the amount of people. My mother considered normal since it was summer. We sunbath, swam and kept going on a trip. For lunch we stopped in a village called “Santanyí.” It was weird because it was empty, as if it was a ghost town. We found only two restaurants open. I photographed a sign on a shop door saying that they were closed for vacation the whole august.

From there we went to see the “calas.” We passed by Cala d’Or and stopped a bit on Cala sa Nau, a beautiful cove surrounded by rocks and a blue sea. It was also crowded with tourists and boats. We head to north, stopping on some calas on de way and on a port called Portocristo. We finished our journey on “Platja de sa Coma,” a more spacious beach. It looked a bit with the vacation beaches in Brazil, many playing volleyball and walking. It was late afternoon and everybody looked active. It was not like in the calas where people were laying down for hours only sunbathing.

Next day we went to see the mountain area. That interested us a lot because in Brazil we have many beaches but not so many mountains. First we stopped in“Valldemossa”, an old town with houses made of big rocks. It was beautiful and neat, all houses had flower vases and drawn signs on the entrance. From there we went to“Déia”, another small town in the mountains similar to the former one. We wanted to have lunch by the beach so we went town to Porto de Sóller, a pleasant small beach. After lunch the idea was to rest on a beach further away called “sa Calobra.” I had seen a photo and it seems to be a perfect place to relax on the afternoon. What I did not know was how hard it would be to get there. The way was all in curves. We had to go up a huge mountain and then down again. I am afraid of heights and the whole route it was a narrow curvy road with many cars and a precipice. I was to tense driving that I arrived exhausted on the beach. It was really beautiful but small to the amount of people. I could no relax, the idea of having to drive back on the same road scared me. We went back to Palma and I got there with a huge headache, the consequence of my tension.

The days on Mallorca were dense, we saw a lot in a little time. We could had an idea of the island but we did not had much time to enjoy the place. So we have a good excuse to came back to the island.


Places on the east side

Places on the west side

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