Khartoum – Sudan

The following days in Khartoum we continued with Colab workshops and also could visit places on the city. We met Gama, a Sudanese friend of Hamasik and Felipe (from Brazil), for a coffee at Goethe Institute, his workplace. It is a very pleasant there; they have a beautiful yard where we drank the Ethiopian coffee recipe with scents and ginger. Later, Javier took us to see the place where the 2 Niles meet. It was late afternoon at a park, a mixture of green area with an amusement park, I just loved it.

By the end of the workshop, after we finished the work, Elamin invited us to a boat tour on the Nile. I sat on the stern of the boat and due to the strong sound of the engine I could not hear what people were talking, so, I got quiet observing the landscape. It is interesting to perceive the strength of the river, in a way, everything here is related to it. I imagined the legends and old stories that could exist on the places I was passing by. The landscape, solitude (even among people) and the thoughts I had, made that boat trip a special moment on my passage through Sudan.

On our last day in town we went to Omdurman (Umm Durmān) to see the Souq (market). Javier took us to see condiments, spices, antiques and handcraft. I was impressed by the size of the market, huge, and also by its calmness. Nobody bothered us, there was no harass, it was a relaxed and pleasant journey.

The rapid trip to Sudan, that is, Khartoum, was intense. The few days there seemed to be longer than the normal, we could do the proposed work and get to know a bit of the local culture. I can’t say I know Sudan, but the glimpse I had there surpassed by expectation, and this is due to the people I met in Khartoum. They were all very friendly, and kindly showed us their country, culture and difficulties. Sudan is place a bit difficult for someone who comes from Brazil, though I left with a positive feeling of the time there.

Khartoum Market – Seeds & Spices

PS: These photos in the market I did to my sister, Karina. Once she asked me for some photo to hang on her kitchen, I thought this spices and seeds were a good theme.

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