Refeno 2016: anchored in Noronha

We arrived in Noronha very late at night. Part of the crew disembarked in the middle of the night anyway, as they would sleep in inns on the days in Noronha. I stayed on the boat, wanted to taste the experience of living on board. It was only two days but it gave a little understanding of what life is like on a sailboat. In the morning we tried to get the anchor out, it was badly positioned. We had to change place of the boat, we were in an area of circulation. Then he organized and cleaned the boat. It was not until the end of the afternoon that we stepped ashore for dinner and go around the village. I adored small trips on the inflatable boat bypassing the sailing boats that came to Noronha in Refeno. The small bay was filled with beautiful sailboats.

The next day we went diving in the morning to see the wreck in the port bay and we also dove to clean the hull of the boat. In the afternoon – a pedal on the island – a little review of the place I had been in 1998 and 2002. Since I had been ill on the boat, I stayed for a few days without eating anything, I felt weak, I was slowly on the hills… On the stops, the awesome landscapes made up for it. In the evening, we received our Refeno participation award. The group would continue to sail back to Natal, I returned by plane because I had work waiting for me in Salvador.

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