Fazenda San Francisco

I did a tour in São Francisco farm. In the morning we went on the back of a truck for bird watch. We drove through the rice fields, one of the biggest in the state. We saw some capybaras and alligators. By the end of the tour we walked in the woods to observe the vegetation. We could see on trees the marks of the water from the rain season. Normally rain season starts by the end of November but it is mid December and it hasn’t rained yet. They all complain about the lack of rain. The only ones happy about the drought and the beautiful sunny days are the tourists. We went back to the farm house. Before lunch we played volley in the pool. Perfect for refreshing. After a good lunch we rested in the hammocks. Good life!

In the afternoon the tour was by boat. It was time to see alligators and piranhas. When we stopped to fish, the alligators came toward the boat. I believe they are used to be fed with piranhas. Some of the piranhas we caught were thrown back into the water and others end up in the alligators mouth.

After the boat we went back to the farm house. They were waiting for us with Piranha soup what they say to be aphrodisiac. After dinner we went to see animals in the dark. Before the departure the farm’s biologist talked about the animals we might see. We went on an open 4 wheel-drive car and a huge flash light on the top to spot the animals. We saw dear, owls, Agouti… But what we all wanted to see was the jaguar. Unfortunately we didn’t see it. The group which did the tour the day before saw one. In nature it is a question of luck, we can’t control it.


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