The first thing I did when I got to Fortaleza was walk around the handcraft fair in Meireles. It starts in the end of the afternoon and, with the movement in its tends and tourists, goes until late night. I went to see hammocks, t-shirts, dolls, cashew nuts, cachaças, sweets and handcraft. From there I walked to the Centro Dragão do Mar, a cultural building complex with cinemas, theater, concert house, bars and restaurants located in the center of the city. The place was crowed, it seems to be the best option for Saturday evening.

Sunday early morning I went for a walk to get to know the beaches. I started in Meireles, since it was early, there were not so much people. I talked to some street sellers who were putting up their tends. One of them came to me because he wanted me to photograph him, what I did. From Meireles I went, by the shore, to Iracema and downtown, where I was supposed to meet Marcelo (I had met him in Jericoacoara). We thought of going to Cumbuco, I had heard it is a beautiful beach. We waited for more than an hour for a bus that never came. We ended up, then, getting a cab to Praia do Futuro.

I was a little annoyed with the lack of information, because some people said there was bus; others said there was not. I called a number “Disque Turismo”(Dial Tourism) and they told me the bus departures from the bus station. I called the bus station and they told me not. They said it was from another place and gave me the number of the bus company in charged. I called the company and they said at that time there was no bus; I would have to wait for an hour and a half longer. I told the story to the taxi driver; he agreed with me that this was not good for the tourism. When I had to pay, he charged me less than what it was written in the taximeter. He said it was a courtesy so I wouldn’t get a bad impression of the city. I liked this concern in making the tourist feel good.

The rest of the day I was on the beach, sitting under the sun, shade, and sea baths, eating fish with shrimp, drinking juices, beer and caipirinha. Wonderful! I imagine how it should be to live in a city where one can do this every weekend. After all, here it is summer the year around.

On Monday, before my flight, I went to the central market to buy gifts: handcraft, sweets, and hammocks… After, I went to Praia de Mucuripe to see the fish market. The trip was ending. I already felt nostalgic. Once more I am sure that some day I want to live on the northeast of Brazil.


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