Pulau Perhentian

I had read about these beautiful islands northeast of Malaysia and got crazy to scuba diving there. I loved it! It remained me of Gili Trawangan islands in Indonesia, the place where I did my Open Water Dive, ten years ago.


I did two dives on the island: one at Tokong Laut (Temple of the Sea) and another at Sugar Wreck (a shipwreck). The diversity of sea life was impressive. I saw different types of fishes, turtles, bamboo sharks, squids, schools of sardines… Wonderful, and beyond that, very cheap compared to Brazilian prizes. A dive trip was around RM80 (+/- U$25). I hadn’t dived for a year, so I needed it.

Kuala Besut

Kuala Besut is the city of departure for boast to Perhentian islands. It’s small but well organized and clean, in contrast to its neighbor Jerteh that looked in the middle of nowhere. We used one of Besut’s public baths to take a shower before our long bus trip and it was clean and tidy. It was interesting to see Malaysians spending the afternoon watching American soap-operas at the city bars. Globalization is everywhere.

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