Patong, in Phuket, was our choice to relax on the last days of the trip. Nothing better than a touristy place with good infrastructure for leisure. Here we would have all we need: sun, sun beds, parasol, cocktails, coconut water, fresh fish, restaurants on the sand, coconut trees…

The beach looked like those summer time beaches in Brazil. It was big, wide; we could walk on the wet sand. There were many options of activities: banana boat, water sky, jet sky, diving, boat tour, floating mattress… We could hear all the time people offering food and drinks to sell. Some people don’t like this “agitated” sort of beach. I grew up in beaches like that, so I like it. For me this is the idea of take the most advantage of what the beach can offer you. It is exploiting all its facets. Maxim, who comes from Siberia, was amazed by the possibilities of the tropical paradise.

Phuket is also known for the sexual tourism, what, we unfortunately saw a lot. As we stayed the days on the beach, at night we were tired and did not go to bars. I believe if we had gone to bar this subject would bother me a lot and maybe would have spoiled my last days of vacation. Except for this aspect, the island was the ideal place for the finale of the trip.

For us it was really difficult to write about Phuket when we returned from the trip and watched the news of the tsunami. Thinking that after a few days we left, a huge wave destroyed the place, it was a chock. Knowing that all we saw and the people we met were not like before, it is sad. We hope that everyone can recuperate from the disaster the best possible way. Moreover, we wish gook luck and a lot of strength in this difficult phase.

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