Ferry Stockholm – Mariehamn – Tallin

We got the ISEA cruise in Stockholm that departure at noon. I spend the day in lectures and my mother in the pool and Jacuzzi. I took advantage of the coffee break to teach my mother how to photograph with the digital camera. After all, she would also photograph during the trip. Her first photos were from me seated in the ferry café.

By the end of the day we stopped to do a tour on the small island, Mariehamn. The island had been under the domain of Sweden and Finland, nowadays it seems to be an independent region, part of Finland. It is a place of summer houses, it looked very calm and serene. It was the end of the season, there was not many tourists. We try to imagine how it would be to live there in the winter (cold, snow and very few people); but for a Brazilian mind it was difficult to imagine that. We came back to the ferry for dinner, performances and parties of the night. We arrive in Tallinn next morning.

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