We arrive in Helsinki in a rainy gray day. We walked a little by the center of the city, stop in a cafe to eat something and I went to the lectures of ISEA2004. My mother stayed waking around the center and photographing. By the end of the afternoon there was the inauguration of a art exhibition in the Kiasma (Museum of Contemporary Art). There we met my friends Spanish who were showing artwork. I showed to my mother some of the electronic art. The following days had been a mixture of going to lectures and walking to see the city. Always when there was sunlight I skipped the conferences to photograph and to walk by the tourist attractions of the city.

The city is organized and at the same time cold. It always gives the impression that is lacking something. According to my mother it is because it lacks an old town as in other European cities. In Helsinki everything was spacious that did not give the feeling of a cozy place.

What caught our attention in town is the huge number of hairdressers. There were blocks where one could find 4 or 5 of them. Hair style must be something important in the local culture. We saw all kind of hair style, color, cut. Even though the number of hair salons was big, they were not empty.

On the afternoon of the third day I presented my paper in the conference. I was relieved, therefore the conference had finished. Now it was only take advantage of the trip. As a reward, the day was sunny and we went for a walk in the port. It seemed to be a popular place in the city to eat hotdog or an ice-cream and to sit down watching the boats come and go.


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