Vacation in Europa – Ireland[s] and Scotland

I am not very adept at traveling in Europe on vacation. I was fortunate to live twice in the continent, and I also travel a lot to work there. Holidays for me must be in an exotic place and warm place. If it has sea, better still. But trips are not always for me, in 2016, I made a vacation my my father and we made Holland on a bicycle. Now it was Marcelo’s turn to choose the vacation spot, he chose Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. And since we had holidays in February/March, it would be in the cold and in the snow. Well, it was not my ideal, but out of love, anything goes. We started the trip in Barcelona and ended in Berlin because it was the two cities of Europe where I had lived and wanted to show Marcelo a little of life there. Barcelona was also, to buy winter clothes since living in Salvador, Marcelo had nothing.
  • Dublin

Dublin would be our first vacation stop, but we only stayed one day in the city. With the blizzard in Europe, airports were closed and planes were not landing in the city. We had to stay more days in Barcelona because our flight was canceled. We got a place to fly there only 3 days later. What a shame.

We arrived in the city on a Sunday afternoon, left things at the hotel and went walking around downtown to eat something. We went from pub to pub. I had already been in the city in 2011 and I remembered places that Ricardo ( Renata’s friend) had taken me at that time.

It was cold and raining. It was not a nice cold. It was a freezing cold, foot, hand, nose were hurting from cold… Everywhere there was snow and in some parts it was melting. We entered Trinity College, walked some more and stopped at a pub. The next day we had a little more walk by the river, cafes and we headed to Belfast.

The trip to Belfast was quick, just over two hours. The idea of going by train was for Marcelo to have the experience of this type of traveling. I love it too, it has a certain magic for us Brazilians who are not used to train. It touches our imagery of European films.






  • Belfast

We were told that Belfast was not a very interesting city, but we enjoyed it very much despite it being raining every day. We walked through the city center, walked into cafes, had food and drinks in an 1820 pub – The Crown Liquor Saloon. I thought it was very curious to see the color pink everywhere. Some taxis were pink, city buses pink, pink lighting, we did not find out the reason for the color, but it did a good break from the gray of a rainy day. We loved it.

[Text and photos by Karla Brunet – 2018]


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