I decided to continue with the “escapade trips” to islands. After Mallorca it was Sardinia. This time I went with Maxim, we got the excuse of his birthday to do this first trip “by errante”. Now, besides doing the web pages, he was photographing making videos with me.

As soon as we got there it rained really strong. Alghero’s old town was empty, looking abandoned and there was water everywhere. We had a good dinner in an Italian restaurant and went back to the hotel. Next day it was sunny and like that it was the 4 days in Sardinia, a perfect climate for traveling. We rented a car, essential to see the island. First we drove to the east side of the island. We were surprised by the amount of garbage by the highway near Nuoro. There was fridge, sofa, oven, parts of cars, all thrown away by the shoulder of the road. We stopped in Nuoro to have lunch and walk around the mountains. The region is known by its murals. We saw some interesting one, even by the roads.

Before getting to Arbatax, our destination, we stopped to see the beaches around there. We went to Girasole, a beautiful and empty beach. From there we continued to Santa Maria Navarresse where we went to a bar on the sand to enjoy the sunset. We saw a helicopter getting water from the sea. It must have had a fire around there since the helicopter was coming back every 5 or 10 minutes to get more water. It was funny to observe the helicopter…

We visited Arbatax on the morning. We walked by the beach where there are huge red rocks and by the port. Maxim was amazed by the rock, even tried to climb some. I was impressed by a huge yellow crane in the port. It was almost as a mountain that one can see from everywhere, as a magnet catching my attention. After Arbatax we visited some beaches Tortolì, Lido di Orrì. All beautiful and almost empty.

We continued heading to the west side of the island. Our destination would be Oristano. We got there by the afternoon and went to see the sunset in Cabo de San Marco, in Sinis peninsula. Over there is the place of the Tharros ruins, founded by the Phoenicians by the end of 8th century BC. The sea was beautiful with waves. Living in Barcelona I miss waves a lot. At night we tried the local Italian food, once more it did not disappointed us. It was delicious.

On our third day the idea was to come back to Alghero by the coast. We stopped to see some beaches on the way such as San Giovanni di Sinis, Putzu Idu, Is Arutas, S’Archittu, Bosa Marina.

We got to Alghero by the afternoon, we walked around the old town and sat down the battlement to appreciate the sunset. At night we had a dinner to commemorate Maxim’s birthday. Wonderful food, wine and desert.

On our last day in Sardinia we did a tour on a semi-submarine; a boat with a glass bottom where people can observe the undersea. There was not much to see but the tour was interesting. I love boats, it doesn’t matter the type. From there we went to Capo Caccia, Maxim visited the Nepturno cave and I preferred to go hiking around it.

The trip was quick, we visited many paces, saw a lot and could run away of the work routine. The beaches were beautiful and people very nice, a perfect place for an “escapade.”



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