We arrived in Stockholm on a Sunday, a calm day. Sundays are the same everywhere… In our way to the hotel we waked downtown where there were many cafes with outside table. Everybody were by the sun.

Later we went to visit the old town “Gamla Stan.” We passed by the port where it leaves many tour boats. It was a beautiful sunny day. We walked a lot around the island. It is crowed with bars, restaurants and tourists on the streets. We would sometimes seat down to see the people passing by. It caught our attention the number of mothers with baby stroller. We even joked that it must be fashionable to have babies nowadays. Next day we walked around downtown and later got the ISEA cruise to Tallinn.

We came back to Stockholm a week later, it was already cold. It was the end of August but on evenings the temperatures went down. The rainy day added some “coldness” to the atmosphere. We went for dinner in a restaurant in Gamla Stan: good food and wine. The old town had already changed a bit its appearance. Now there was less people and colors on the streets. We realize that in this country it must be a great difference from summer to winter. Not only talking about climate but also life style and people’s mood.

We walked around downtown and got impressed by the amount of interior design shops. It seems there is a great concern on the house’s design and decoration. I imagine it is because of the cold weather. As people go out less and spend more time at home, they like to have it neat and comfortable.

Crystal Plaza

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