Cape Tribulation

Another great day trip out of Cairn is Cape Tribulation. Actually, I don’t recommend it as a day tour, the best way is to stay a night over there to enjoy the forest, all agencies give you that option of staying over and getting back with the next day tour.

Our guide, Peter, was very funny; with him I learnt “no worries, let’s keep going”. During the trip he explained us about the sugar industry, as this part of Queensland is a big producer of sugar cane. He mentioned me all the time during the tour since (for him) I was one of the “competitors” in the sugar market.

We stopped a few times for lookout and had some walks on the forest. Here again, it is very neat. The path is very well constructed, wooden made, beautiful and they scare you to not wander around, you are not allowed to walk outside the path, otherwise dangerous things will get you. One is a plant that will make you itch for 6 months.

It is a beautiful rain forest, some of the trees are similar with the ones in the Amazon forest. However, the way to enjoy this nature is very different to me. It is too organized. It is impossible to compare that with the kind of forest tours you get in Brazil, Peru or Bolivia. Here it is all win, no risk situation. They take care of everything for you. It is very comfortable. Even toilets, there was one in every stop we made, they were clean public toilet (with soap and toilet paper) in the middle of the forest. This is unimagined in South America.

On that day I called my parents to talk about the travel and I told my mom she would love Australia, she loves everything that is very organized, and if there is a clean public toilet, even better.

In one of our stops they offered us tea, coffee and “Tim Tam”. I was very happy to know that because a friend in Brazil had told me that I had to try it, she said “Tim Tam” was the national biscuit, that all Australians liked… The guide confirmed the story… I liked the Tim Tam, they were cold and in Brazil it would be something similar to “Bis”.

My overnight on Cape Tribulation was great, a very peaceful place by the beach. On the evening, I had Linguini Bolognese (with kangaroo meat) and enjoyed the morning with a great talk with xx, a German traveler. Later, I spent time reading by the pool surrounded by green, nature.

And here I could feel I was in the forest. During the night I went to the toilet, forgot to take my flash light with me, on my way back a young guy standing in the dark screamed to me: “be careful, there is a snake there”. But it was dark, I could not see. I asked him where, he said somewhere where you are. So I got my mobile phone light and could see the snake going out of the path into some bushes. It was a small snake, too dark to have any idea of what kind of snake. So, I was sort of complaining that everything was so organized and controlled, here I got a snake right on my path to the toilet.

On the way back to Cairns we stopped for the local Daintree ice-cream made from local fruits, it reminded me the ice-cream place in Salvador “Sorveteria da Ribeira” with all those exotic fruit flavors. And after that, we had the boat tour to look for crocodiles. Our guide Tui, could spot one behind the bushes. This time of the year it is had to spot them, it is too hot during the day and they tend to get submerse most of the time.  Even tough we could not see much, it was a great experience to be able to spot one of them.

Cape Tribulation was a great trip, a great experience of Queensland rainforest. Back in Cairns, I was ready to my next experience, the desert, Uluru.

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