Soft-drinks in Berlin

Yes, this deserves a post in Errante. It is incredible the number of different soft-drinks in Berlin. I remember when I was a child in Santa Maria, we had Guaraná da Cirila, Cirilinha,… Nowadays we don’t have regional soft-drinks anymore, it is only Coca-Cola and Pepsi. I loved that in Berlin there is an amazing amount of alternatives to the soft-drinks multinationals.

Cola Rebell Maxx Chili: it has a caramel taste with some spice feeling on the end. We bought it at a shop specialized on pepper near Alexander Platz.

Wostok: I drank the flavor Dattel-Granatapfel (Date-Pomegranate) and Òscar, the Estragon-Ingwer (Tarragon-Ginger). Mine, in the end, had a sort of chewing gum taste. I liked Òscar’s choice better

Now Orange: I bought it at an organic supermarket. The bottle is beautiful, unusual design. It tasted very good, like real juice and not the artificial orange taste.

Thomas Henry Spice Ginger: This has a bitter taste mixed with ginger. I liked it a lot. Carol tried it and thought it was too strong.

BAOLA Baobab & Mango: I loved this soft-drink. It has mango flavor but it is not too sweet, maybe due to the baobab taste. I bought it at a Sudanese restaurant, and yes, it tasted like Africa.

BioZisch Natur Orange: Bio orange soft-drink, not too sweet. Approved. Lenara was with me and she also approved it.

Almdudler: Actually, this soft-drink it is not from Berlin, it is Austrian but it is easy to find in town. The flavor is herbs, apple and grape juice. I thought it was a bit too sweet for me.

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