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Cycling trip: Itaparica – Salinas da Margarida

  • 1st day: Bom Despacho – Salinas da Margarida 61 km
  • 2nd day: Salinas da Margarida – Barra do Paraguaçu 36.58 km gpx

Cicloturismo: Itaparica – Salinas da Margarida – Barra do Paraguaçu from Karla Brunet on Vimeo.

Since I really enjoyed the experience of the Mangue Seco – Praia do Forte trip organized by Lúcia Saraiva from Amigos de Bike, I decided to take another cycle tour with them, this time it was Itaparica and Salinas da Margarida. We woke up very early to catch the first ferry to Itaparica. We arrived in Bom Despacho and had a break for a breakfast with orange juice and hot sandwich. Right after, we faced the road.

We went by the shoulder of the road BA01, I found it comfortable to pedal. Every time there was a little hill, I was left behind. Everyone passed me and they went ahead. Lucia selected a gentleman from the group to accompany me, not leave me alone behind...

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Cycling from Morro de São Paulo to Boipeba, 2008

Sorry, this entry is only available in Portuguese.

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Chapada Diamantina – Tour 1


On my first day at Chapada Diamantina I decided to take a tour to get a broad sense of the place. It was “Roteiro1”(Mucugezinho, Poço do Diabo, Gruta da Lapa, Gruta da Pratinha, Gruta Azul, Morro do Pai Inácio) and Mel was our guide. The first stoop was at Rio Mucugezinho where we went hiking to appreciate the river landscape. We followed the trail for about 15 minutes until we arrived at Poço do Diabo, a beautiful waterfall; there we had our first bath of the day. The water was cold but nos freezing as I imagine it would be. And after the walk under the sun, it was exactly what I was waiting for. The waterfall is big, a great shower of transparent water. Stay under the fall was easy, but the stones were slippery, so one has to be careful. The water was wonderful, invigorating as any waterfall.

After Mucugezinho, we climbed up Morro do Pai Inácio in order to see the landscape of the region. The trail is easy, but steep...

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Mel – Guide in Chapada Diamantina

Mel was our guide in Tour 1 and Igatu tour at Chapada Diamantina (2013). Son of diamond mine workers, he was born and grow up in Chapada. Nowadays, when he has some time free he go mining with his friends.

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Dairone – Marimbus tour guide


With Dairone, our tour guide around Marimbus.

Dairone was born and grow up in Chapada Diamantina. He is enthusiast for adventure and nature. During the tour, we heard some of his stories of motocross around the region.

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Sérgio – Guide at Lapa Doce Cave

Sérgio was our guide at Pratinha cave in Chapada Diamantina 2012.

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