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Carnival 2018: cycling and paddling

After having enjoyed a few days of pre-carnival in Salvador – Palhaços in Rio Vermelho, De Hoje a 8 with the friends of Canoa Bahia and Gravata Doida in Santo Antônio – we decided to run away from the city on carnival days. The selected place was Imbassaí. It is near by, there was not much traffic and is an escape into nature. We rented a cottage away from the center of the beach and with a lovely pool surrounded by green and birds.

The first day was relaxing, just reading on the beach and swimming pool. I, finished reading “Cem Dias Entre Ceu e Mar” by Amyr Klink and Marcelo read “Os Robôs Vão Roubar Seu Trabalho, Mas Tudo Bem” by Federico Pistono. On the second day, we decided to move our bodies and pedal to Praia do Forte. We woke up late, so we left at the worst time, 10.30am in the morning. It was a 29km round trip. The road was very busy, cars on both sides all the time.  It was a relief to arrive at Praia do Forte, to have a secon...

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Cycling: Uithoorn – Amsterdam

Route of the 6th day: Total km/day: 32.48 km – (gpx)
Accommodation: hotel near the airport

  • It was our last day of the cycling trip. Well, my father’s last day, I would still have many days of cycling through the Netherlands and Germany until I arrived in Strasbourg, France.
  • The road was calm. It was Sunday morning and the road not crowed with cyclists going to work or school. We passed by training cyclists, with race bikes.
  • We stopped at the airport hotel to leave our bags, check in and headed for the city center. There, we returned my father’s rental bike and left mine in a public parking lot. It gave me a little pain in the belly to leave her there alone in the crowd of bicycles for a week
  • Our bike trip ended well, we had no accidents, nor did the bikes got damaged, no flat tire, everything went really well. Relief.


Do hotel onde estávamos em Uithoorn, podia-se ver (e ouvir) a passagens dos aviões chegando no aeroporto de A...

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Cycling: Leiden – Delft

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Route of the 3rd day : Leiden – Total km/day: 38.19 km – (gpx)
Accommodation: private room at Hélène’s (Vrienden op de Fiets) place
Link to trip map:

  • Our third day of cycling began being driven by Ap (host in Leiden) to leave the city. He kindly guided us to the first point of the route.
  • As I love the sea, I took the advice of our hosts and rode through the dunes to the North Sea and from there we went to The Hague.
  • In Delft, we stayed right on the historic center. In market in the central square I ate my first herring of the trip. As always, I loved it. My father did not even tried.
  • One of the peculiarities of Delft are the crooked buildings, falling to one side. The most impressive is one of the great central churches, it is visibly fallen to the side. We did a boat tour and the guide explained to us that the main church has already begun to fall in the construction phase. Many of these buildings have sever...
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