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Errante is the travelogue of a woman passionate about traveling. It is not the diary of a single trip, a particular place or a specific subject, nor a list of tourist attractions. Neither it’s a place where you’ll find formal orientation for travelers. In this site, Karla Brunet, born in Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, living in Salvador, Bahia, sets conventions aside and shares her experiences, which are plenty: she has been to more than 50 countries in all the continents of the world. And she’s constantly planning new adventures.

Coming from a person who has traveled that much, the will to take risks and the impulse to find new things bring new perspectives that show readers new ways of exploring the four corners of the world – such as backpacking, scuba diving or cycling.  Actually, eco-tourism is in the core of all these travels. Don’t expect traditional trips, obvious routes or guided tours – Karla has even arrived to an unknown country without previous knowledge of where she would be sleeping the night.

Following the comings and goings of the traveler, who writes in first person about her impressions and discoveries, you’ll be able to find valuable tips, plan your next holidays and create the travel of your dreams. Curiosities are part of it, after all experimenting new things is a must. From exotic food to street art, religious costumes to social and historical places, animals and people that crisscross these passages. You can even find key information to emulate Karla’s actions. See for yourself everything the pictures, way beyond the words, show so clearly. Karla is a photographer, and all stories are illustrated by her camera’s record.

This site was created in 2001, after Karla’s weekend trip to Foz do Iguaçu with her sister Karina. Shortly after that, she quitted her job, sold her car and left “errant” to the neighbor countries of South America. Other travelers have also participated through the years, sharing their stories as well as helping with this website and organizing its contents. One of these is Gabriela Grizzo, who suggested the webpage’s name, inspired by Caetano Veloso’s song “Terra” and its “errante navegante”. Let it be an inspiration to everyone willing to indulge themselves in this pleasant condition.

[Text by Paula Berbert, translated by Òscar Buenafuente]

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  • Verônica  says:

    Olá, tudo bem?

    Gostei muito do conteúdo do seu blog, gostaria de enviar uma proposta de artigo, caso tenha interesse, por favor, entre em contato pelo meu email, (veronica.fassoni@gmail.com).


  • Bruno Peixoto  says:

    Karla, tudo bem?
    Estou mandando esse comentário para lembrar das nossas fotos feitas em Marimbus e Cachoeira do Roncador com sua camera, tá? Pode mandar para esse e-mail: dr.bpeixoto@hotmail.com
    Aproveitei para fazer uma visitinha no seu site. Adorei, vou ser um visitante regular apartir de agora.
    Um grande abraço de Bruno e Fernanda!

  • Rafael Facundo  says:

    Oi, td bem?
    Curti mto o perfil de vocês. Sou diretor de fotografia da http://www.revistachef.com.br é uma revista sobre alta gastronomia, com um conceito diferenciado de design e fotografia. Entrei a pouco tempo, assinei a capa e cerca de 90% da última edição, sobre o mel nativo. Estou começando a viajar bastante também, pelo Brasil mesmo. Fui para o Paraná, São Paulo, várias cidades na Bahia e também em Pernambuco. Gostaria de mostrar o nosso material para vocês e quem sabe fazer umas parcerias, tanto de viagens quanto de matérias, hoje temos a distribuição de 5 mil exemplares nas bancas de Brasília, Livraria Cultura e FNAC.
    Aguardo retorno, obrigado.

    • karla  says:

      Oi Rafael
      Sim, vamos conversar, te respondo por email.

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