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Book: Tracks: A Woman’s Solo Trek across 1700 Miles of Australian Outback

Livro: Tracks: A Woman’s Solo Trek across 1700 Miles of Australian Outback
By Robyn Davidson

(Translation Celina C. Falck-Cook)

I read Robyn Davidson‘s book the days before I started my track on Pati. Reading made my adventure seem so easy and simple. I had seen the movie (Tracks) and read a review of the film saying that the book was much better. So, I decided to buy the book. I opted for the Portuguese version so I could borrow the book later. When I like a book, I always lend. Pass on to others this joy of reading.

It is amazing the story of this woman who – in the 90s – decides to cross the desert of Australia walking for almost 3 thousand kilometers in the company of 4 camels and a dog. I’ve been to Uluru, near Alice Spring, and we only hiked from 5am to 11am. After that, the sun was so strong and the weather so dry that the park advised against trekking.

The writing is easy but not monotonous. A good part of the book is about the time of preparation of the trip – about the decis...

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(Português) Exposição Viagens Errantes

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Wine tasting tour

As I am a wine enthusiast and love to visit wineries, I decided to do a wine tasting tour with Cape To Grape. The tour included cheese and wine tasting, biltong and wines pairing, lunch – with wine -, chocolate and wine… I was thrilled.

Our morning began at the D’Aria Wine Estate, we tasted 5 wines – 2 white, 2 red and 1 rose. The place was beautiful, we sat on a wooden porch at the edge of a stream.The green landscape, the dry leaves, the noise of the water, all matched the wine tasting.

Our second stop of the day was at the Fairview Wine Estate, where we sampled wines and cheeses. We start with the lightest cheeses, white wines and then we went into reds. A delight. The farm has a goat farm and had a huge space for tasting and buying cheeses and wines. As it was a holiday in South Africa, it was crowded with groups and families who came to know the place. The children were entertained with the goats while the parents were tasting wines and cheeses.

The third stop of the day was at t...

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Izakaya, bar food and snacks

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Food in Japan

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Beer in Japan

kb_jp14_0719I’m not an expert in beer, I’m a wine person, but when I travel I drink beer. It’s practical and refreshing.  In Japan I’ve drunk Kirin, Sapporo, Yebisu, Asahi… I couldn’t say which is my preferred one. Asahi and Yebisu are considered to be better and Kirin looks like to be the most popular since it is everywhere. What caught my attention in terms of beer in Japan is that they like it very cold, like us Brazilians. After some moths living in Berlin, where beer is not always very cold, it was good to get a “freezing cold” beer in Japan.

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Camel burger


In Dubai, at Al Fahidi historical neighborhood I saw a restaurant sign “Camel Burger”. I didn’t resist it. I tried for the first time camel meet. I thought it tasted like other burgers, but this had a cinnamon taste on it. Maybe that was to disguise the camel taste or it was only a local culinary practice. Concluding: approved!

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Soft-drinks in Berlin

Yes, this deserves a post in Errante. It is incredible the number of different soft-drinks in Berlin. I remember when I was a child in Santa Maria, we had Guaraná da Cirila, Cirilinha,… Nowadays we don’t have regional soft-drinks anymore, it is only Coca-Cola and Pepsi. I loved that in Berlin there is an amazing amount of alternatives to the soft-drinks multinationals.

Cola Rebell Maxx Chili: it has a caramel taste with some spice feeling on the end. We bought it at a shop specialized on pepper near Alexander Platz.

Wostok: I drank the flavor Dattel-Granatapfel (Date-Pomegranate) and Òscar, the Estragon-Ingwer (Tarragon-Ginger). Mine, in the end, had a sort of chewing gum taste. I liked Òscar’s choice better

Now Orange: I bought it at an organic supermarket. The bottle is beautiful, unusual design. It tasted very good, like real juice and not the artificial orange taste.

Thomas Henry Spice Ginger: This has a bitter taste mixed with ginger. I liked it a lot...

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An Interview with Hannah Pearson

Here you can see a short interview with Hannah Pearson, Padi Dive Instructor, who guided us in some of the dives at Utila Dive Center. Hannah talks about her favorite dive sites in Utila and how she decided to leave England and go to Honduras.

An Interview with Hannah Pearson from Karla Brunet on Vimeo.

See also some other posts on Honduras, April 2013:

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Beer in Guatemala and Belize

In this post on curiosities I will create a list of beers I have been drinking around the world. I’m not expert on beer, quite the opposite, I’m wine drinker, but traveling I prefer beer. It is easy, everywhere they have their preferred one, it. Always when I get to a new country/place, I like to taste the local beer. Usually, people always have one they recommend.

The idea of this list came when I went to live in Spain and there was a beer called San Miguel. I remembered I had drinking a beer with that name and it was not in South America. After some days with that on my mind, I actually remembered, it was in the Philippines, in 1997. So, I got the ideas to keep the names of the local beers as a souvenir, and the best way to keep that was taking a photo of it in a local bar environment, a way to remember the good bar moments…

In Guatemala(2013) I drank Gallo and Brahva (the ex-Brazilian Brahma).

Gallo, in a restaurant in Antigua
Brahva Extra, in bar in Antigua
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