Wine tasting tour

As I am a wine enthusiast and love to visit wineries, I decided to do a wine tasting tour with Cape To Grape. The tour included cheese and wine tasting, biltong and wines pairing, lunch – with wine -, chocolate and wine… I was thrilled.

Our morning began at the D’Aria Wine Estate, we tasted 5 wines – 2 white, 2 red and 1 rose. The place was beautiful, we sat on a wooden porch at the edge of a stream.The green landscape, the dry leaves, the noise of the water, all matched the wine tasting.

Our second stop of the day was at the Fairview Wine Estate, where we sampled wines and cheeses. We start with the lightest cheeses, white wines and then we went into reds. A delight. The farm has a goat farm and had a huge space for tasting and buying cheeses and wines. As it was a holiday in South Africa, it was crowded with groups and families who came to know the place. The children were entertained with the goats while the parents were tasting wines and cheeses.

The third stop of the day was at the Mariaane Wine Estate, where we had wine tasting with dried and cured game meats, the so-called Biltong.It was my first time tasting ostrich, kudu and springbok.It was a strong version of dried meat I’m used to, I liked it. It paired perfectly with wine. We then drove through the famous Stellenbosch, a historic town in the Western Cape province with typical Dutch architecture.

Lunch was at Le Pommier Wine Estate, an open-air place, it looked like we were eating at a friend’s country house. To sample the local cuisine, I ordered the Bobotie, a typical South African dish made with spiced minced meat baked with an egg-based topping, served with yellow rice, vegetables and apricot chutney.Everything a delight.

To end this day of picturesque landscapes, lots of wine and special food, we head to Bilton Wines for a wine and chocolate pairing. Again, an incredible landscape. We sat on the porch and sampled Belgian chocolates accompanied by different white and red wines.By the end of the day, it was already floating, drowse with so much wine, beautiful landscapes and special foods. A perfect day.

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