Carnival 2018: cycling and paddling

After having enjoyed a few days of pre-carnival in Salvador – Palhaços in Rio Vermelho, De Hoje a 8 with the friends of Canoa Bahia and Gravata Doida in Santo Antônio – we decided to run away from the city on carnival days. The selected place was Imbassaí. It is near by, there was not much traffic and is an escape into nature. We rented a cottage away from the center of the beach and with a lovely pool surrounded by green and birds.

The first day was relaxing, just reading on the beach and swimming pool. I, finished reading “Cem Dias Entre Ceu e Mar” by Amyr Klink and Marcelo read “Os Robôs Vão Roubar Seu Trabalho, Mas Tudo Bem” by Federico Pistono. On the second day, we decided to move our bodies and pedal to Praia do Forte. We woke up late, so we left at the worst time, 10.30am in the morning. It was a 29km round trip. The road was very busy, cars on both sides all the time.  It was a relief to arrive at Praia do Forte, to have a second breakfast, relax a bit and return to Imbassai. It was worth it to test our fitness. No matter how flat it is, there are always the ascents and descents of a road, a toboggan that I love. But the heat was very strong, there was an extra heat radiating from the asphalt.

The next day we opted for rowing, we went to the Pojuca river where we had lunch, we slept a little in the hammock, and we rented kayaks. It was there that Amyr Klink said he had arriving from his rowing journey from Africa. It was symbolic. We paddled slowly around the mangrove watching the birds, children bathing, local vegetation… On the way back, we made a bet to see who was the first to arrive at the kayak rental place. Marcelo won, but just for a few seconds …

On the last day, we decided to cycle again, but this time by the beach. We went from Imbassaí to the coast of Sauipe. Paulo, a biologist friend who lives in Imbassaí, and Jade, his dog, joined us. It was beautiful, it was raining in the beginning. The sky was dark but beginning to clear. Pedaling in the immensity of the sea shore is incredible. I had already been there with Lúcia Saraiva on the cycle trip from Mague Seco to Praia do Forte. Now with Paulo he had another point of view, he stopped and showed us the trails of the turtles, we saw a Tamar biologist working, marking the spawn points. We saw the baby turtles, the little ones… it was incredible. A good end to our carnival.

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