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When I am traveling and photographing I always avoid going to big cities. I think they all look alike, it does not matter in which part of the world they are. In this trip I’m using the days in big cities to work on the website. It is where there are the best Internet Cafes. It is also the best place to do cultural programs.

I decided to visit some museums, the first was the Museo de Etnografia y Folklore. It is downtown in an old building, it shows some indigenous cultures with mockups, maps, objects and videos. It also has a video library where people can watch and buy videos. I bought a well interesting book on legends and popular myths from Bolivia.

The next museum was the Museo Nacional del Art, also located downtown, it is not very large. The best part of the visit was exhibition of the work of a Bolivian fine artist called Ines Cordoba. There were many rooms with her work. For me the best was the work done in with metal. I also saw some works of one another fine artist that I had read about her before, Maria Nuñez del the Prado. She has her own museum, but I did not have time to visit. (One of the problems is that here everything closes between noon and 3pm)

After going in the tourism office, to the Ministry of Tourism and to the kiosk of tourist information trying to find out the cultural agenda of the city, and nobody to knew anything, I decided to go the Casa de la Cultura. There I was informed that there was a performance of the Ballet Folclorico Nacional. I invited friends and we went to see it.

The Ballet program included dances from Potosi area, from the forest, the chaco, the Titicaca… It was really good, we had a general idea of dances from different the regions of Bolivia. The music was good and the clothing very attractive. We all left smiling, wishing to dance…

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