I arrived in Salta late in the evening. I went out to eat something. When I got back to the hostel I found out there was tertulia (live music) in the terrace. I went up to hear some music. Different from the music from the south of Argentina, the music here has a great influence from the indigenous sounds. It looks like the music done in Bolivia and Peru. Very good.

The city reminded me the south of Brazil: the city structure, the vegetation, the life style. It was like if I were going back home little by little. I was not in a different and exotic world anymore.

Here people complain a lot about the situation of the country. The economic problem of Argentina is easily visible on the streets. It is not necessary to talk to people to find out. It is just to see the great number of empty restaurants and shops. The strikes and manifestations are also frequent. The four days I was in Salta, I went through two manifestations in the Jujuy region. The price of everything in Argentina is very expensive compared to any other country in South American. The Argentinians themselves cannot pay these prices anymore. They are in the limit of a economic collapse. They all say to be afraid of the future and not to know what to do. They are unsafe.

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