Night Snorkeling

Oscar, from the beach equipment rental, invited me to a night snorkel. I accepted, I had done many night dives but never a night snorkel. A late afternoon, when coming back from an island tour, I met Oscar. We walked around the airport, passing through some airplanes, in order to get to our starting point. It was getting dark and the mosquitoes were hungry, lucky me that Oscar was prepared and had mosquito repellent.

By the time we went into the water, it got dark. It was a very interesting experience, I liked the feeling of being in the sea, in an open space, with anything around, no boat waiting for me, or a port next to me, or a beach with people. We surrounded the island on the airport site, therefore, there was no people on the beach.

Right in the beginning we saw a very big lobster, but is was fenced season, so we could not grab it for dinner. Oscar was excited but respected the rules. Our goal was to find an octopus for Oscar’s dinner. After some fishes, when I started to get cold, we saw an octopus. He was hidden under the rocks. I had the flashlight helping his spearfishing. I had never been spearfishing, it was curious to see his flight with the animal. Sometimes I thought Oscar was going to loose. In order to survive, the octopus was putting many rocks in his hole. Oscar had to stay a long time without breathing trying to get his way. I couldn’t hold that long, I was going up for air many times. After a strong fight, Oscar won and could capture the octopus. It was beautiful, big and looked yummy. As I was already cold, and it was late, we swim quickly to the port. Shortening, I loved the new adventure.


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