Koh Samui – Bo Phut

We decided to continue the car journey to see some places on the island we haven’t have time to see. The first stop was the Bo Phut pier. Interesting because the small wooden quay gave us an enormous peaceful feeling. We drove to the Big Buddha, a huge statue of a golden Buddha. The statue of almost 20 meters height was built in 1972. There was also Buddhas with monkeys, I had read about them but until then I haven’t seen. I liked the place because it looked like Thailand a lot. It was not anymore a tourist island with resorts; here it was a place full of faith and beliefs. The rest of the day we spend relaxing on the sun beds of the hotel: sun, sea and coconut tree shade. Walking on the beach I saw a glass bottle with many seashells stuck to it. That reminded me the sandal from the other beach. Once more the nature was showing its strength.

Our last day on the island we had reserved for a dive trip. We went to Koh Tao for diving. It is not too nearby, it takes two and a half hours in a fast boat. The sea was agitated. They have told us from before that we were in the low season; there were currents and the water not so clear. That means: the dive would not be the best for pictures. We got to the place with low expectation, but it end up being a good dive. For photographing, it was not so good but we could enjoy the place. It was worth it. We dove in Chumphon Pinnacle and White Rock.

Our departure day was cloudy and rainy. It was as if the day were said because it was time to leave. Many times when I travel and like a lot a place, my departure day is cloudy. The days get nostalgic as I do when it is time do go away…

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