After the exhausting week in Linz, I got in Munich and slept for almost a whole day. I needed… The days here were not so beautiful. It was raining and it started to be cold. I realized the summer was over.

I waked around downtown, went to shops, cafes, and, as usual, I end up in museums. First, I visited the city museum (Stadtmuseum). There were paintings, drawings and maquettes that told the region history. There was a part dedicated to music and theater. Here it could be found all kinds of marionettes and toys. I liked to see that, as in Brazil I do not know any museum that show such things. The music part, for being small, impressed me the great amount of instruments from other parts of the world as from Asia, America and Africa. Every time I see this, it bothers me that the third world is being left without history, and that the rich countries are the ones to tell our history.

On the same day I visited the Deutsches Museum, a huge museum on technology. As I love the sea, I started on the boat section. There were, in actual size, many different kinds of ships. I saw models from jangada and caballito de totora, our South American cultural once again here represented.

The museum has a great amount of airplanes, helicopters, trains and bridge, tunnel and subway construction models. There is a section dedicated to telecommunication, telephone, telex, satellite, internet. The computer part starts with the first mechanical machines to calculate, the first computers, huge, and ends with the PCs from nowadays.

In order to complete my museum overdose, on my last day, I visited the Pinakothek der Moderne to see modern and contemporary art. The museum was crowded, it was Sunday and the free entrance day. As usual, I liked a lot the photography section. It gave me guts to go back to photography, to really do photography…

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